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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dr. of Shamanism Degree $60.00

Dr. of Shamanism Degree - Universal Life Church
This is a “must-have” among our offered courses for anyone who is interested in the foundations of religion, religious history, and the evolution of religious beliefs, as well as those who have a deep curiosity and calling to understand the mysterious ways of the Shaman!

Here’s just some of what you will learn in the Doctor of Shamanism course :

Learn what true Shamanism is! There is a lot of bad information out there about Shamans, and the practice of Shamanism…This course dispels the myths surrounding this wonderful belief system, and shatters the stereotypes!

Learn the fascinating history behind one of the Worlds oldest religions!

Upon reading the interesting material in this course, it will be easy to see how Shamanism has influenced almost every other religion on Earth!

Learn what it takes to become a Shaman!

This course is PACKED with information on Shamanism from many different cultures, and belief systems:

Learn about one of the main tools of the Shaman…the “ecstatic trance state”, and what Shamans of different cultures have used, and still use to this day to accomplish this supernatural feat!

This information will really open your eyes…

This exciting study also includes information on the legal issues surrounding the practices of this sometimes controversial religion! Learn why!

Shamans have been known for thousands of years to be powerful healers, sages, and magicians….You will learn some of the secretpsychological principles that Shamans use to accomplish their amazing feats!

Have you ever wondered how shamans can do the impossible? You will get a glimpse into the psyche of a Shaman, and learn how they gain their power!

You will learn the meditation and self-hypnosis techniques used by Shamans the world over! Learn to focus your energy and will to accomplish your goals…!

Also covered:

Are there any modern-day Shamanic cultures in practice in the U.S.? Yes! Learn who some of them are…. You may be surprised!

Who can become a Shaman? See what role gender plays in Shamanism!

Rites of Passage from different Shamanic cultures!

Shamanic healing techniques!

Shaman behavior and etiquette!

Codes of Conduct and Shamanic morality!

This doesn’t even cover everything you will learn from this well-written and easy to understand course! You will find interesting and valuable life concepts and philosophies in this course that you can take with you and use anywhere at anytime. The seemingly simple wisdom of the Shaman carries a powerful truth for some people that, even in the modern world can ground them…. and at the same time, offer a way to walk with a foot in two worlds.

This course is written with great neutrality and sensitivity toward all of the topics covered, and is worth 4 credits upon completion in the ULC Seminary.

It can be purchased from here: Dr. of Shamanism Degree