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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. of Christian Studies - Four Gospels course

Four Gospels - Universal Life Church Seminary
Dr. of Christian Studies!
This is one of the finest courses of the Seminary. You'll be amazed at the level of understanding you will get from this course.

--This class is a required course for graduation from the ULC Seminary.

--If you are a Christian, you are probably taking this course because you want to learn more about the words and deeds of Christ. You might want to gain an understanding of the teachings and perhaps hope to feel closer to God.

--Even if you?re not a Christian, the life and teachings of Christ represent some valuable life lessons, just as do those of other well-known prophets. We may have classes on those in the future, if there are requests for it.

--Those teachings are also used as a basis for many things in our culture. Phrases, concepts, ways of thinking about things, etc. There are also a lot of political things that go on, which relate to biblical teachings, even though people don?t necessarily know that that's where they stem from.

--You'll see a lot of familiar concepts when we talk about the Sermon on the Mount. Part of your job, when you study the material, is to recognize:

* how it affects you today,

* what the meanings are of the teachings in relationship to your life,

* where those teachings permeate society.

---At the end of this class, you will be asked to complete a short assignment, which you will email to the director who will then issue you your Dr. of Christian Studies degree.

It can be purchased from here: Dr. of Christian Studies

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