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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quest Affiliate Card $12.00

Universal Life Church Seminary ID Card
For a video representation, go to You can see our entire selection.

You can now choose a more personalized ID card issued by the Seminary.

Like the other ID card, these are made the size of a credit card in either white or black with gold foil printing on them. They are plastic and they wear well.

They are very impressive and we have been getting a lot of compliments on them.

The only requirement for ordering this card is that you have been ordained by the Universal Life Church.

You may choose from a variety of titles on the drop-down list--

OR choose your own and fill it in in the space below.

Please fill in one OR the other. Some people are filling in both of them differently and this just causes confusion. Also, the cards are shiped separately from the rest of your order and will probably arrive first.

The picture is a template and will contain an actual signature as well as whatever you want on the top, with the exception of the words Medical, Medicine, Reiki, Cannibus or anything medical sounding.

Universal Life Church Seminary Affiliate Card