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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Religious Title $10.00

Religious Title - Universal Life Church
SPECIAL NOTICE: The Seminary sends out all certificates on gold foil certificate paper with beautiful large gold seals.

The ULC Seminary grants religious titles upon request. The ULC has no hierarchical structure, however titles of position and authority are available for the independent new churches and ministries. You will receive a certificate with this title awarded to you.

The list of current titles are on the drop-down menu. You may also request another choice if the one you want is not available.

also, the picture shown does not show the beautiful new gold seal that will be affixed to your title.

We cannot issue the title 'chaplain', as it is not a strictly religious title. Also, we will not issue any medical-sounding titles either for legal reasons.

The titles can be ordered by clicking Religious Titles

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