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Saturday, May 15, 2010

HQ Degree Cards $12.00

HQ Degree Cards

We have been offering ID cards for the Seminary courses for years.

Throughout that time, people have asked if there is a way they can get the ID cards for courses already taken through headquarters.

We are now providing them

These ID cards reflect courses already taken from headquarters. ( They have been offering courses for close to 50 years, so if you've taken a course from them and would like to get a degree card showing your accomplishment, with the original date, we will be happy to provide it.

Before any degree card is sent, however, we MUST receive a .jpg or a photocopy of your original degree, so we can confirm that you did indeed earn that degree through headquarters. (It also could've been one ordered through, as those also go through headquarters.)

Again, these cards are miniature versions of the certificates you ALREADY HAVE, done on black or white cards.

After you place your order, send your .jpg to and we'll get your card right out to you.

We are slowly adding each card as it's created.

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