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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dr. of Metaphysics - A Course in Miracles $75

Dr. of Metaphysics Degree
The Metaphysics of Becoming Your Own Miracle Worker

This is a course in course in metaphysics and spiritual psychology. It teaches students how to make the kinds of choices that enable them to transcend their problems and experience inner peace.

It is rooted in A Course In Miracles, which is a modern day revelation that draws on the wisdom of ancient Eastern Religion, Western Christianity and psychological and spiritual principles.

ACIM is not a religion. It claims no monopoly on God. It is a study in spiritual psychology, and radical metaphysics that offers the student a transformational perspective on life.

The purpose of this course in Everyday Miracles, written by Rev. Loretta Siani, Ph.D is to put the teachings of A Course In Miracles in everyday language so that more people can reap the benefits of its lessons.

After taking this course you know how to access the power of miracles in your life and you will be better equipped to:

Harness the power of your unconscious and higher mind in your life.
Make the choices that will heal your inner conflicts and bring you inner peace
Clarify your life purpose
Use the alchemy of your intention to change your life
Release yourself from the negativity of your past
Access the wisdom of your true nature and your inner teacher
Heal your relationships
Rediscover who you really are
Escape from fear and doubt.
Understand and apply spiritual practices for developing optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

The Course includes 20 weekly lessons and a copy of Dr. Siani's masterfully crafted relaxation CD: In The Middle of Know Where.

Dreams and Goals Are wonderful. They give us a vision of a better life.

But somewhere along the line, our dreams don't always come true.
We somehow get "stuck', We know what we want, however, we just can't
seem to get there. This usually results in some form of frustration or anxiety. But it doesn't need to be that way. There are principles of metaphysics and spiritual psychology, that when applied properly, will enable you to manifest your dreams and become more of the person you really are. .

"What is a Miracle?"

Miracles occur when you breakthrough old beliefs and habits and do something you previously didn't think you could do.


1. Overcoming an incapacitating fear, obsession or addiction;

2. Finally finding the work that is right for you;

3. Reconciling or attracting a loving relationship;

4. Transcending the effects of a debilitating disease.

5. Stepping out of a life of depression into a life of inspiration and energy.

6. Walking out of a life rooted in fear to one transformed by love.

7. Rising above the battle field of chaos and confusion and finding a life of meaning and purpose.

8. Shifting from being held prisoner by your past, your environment or your heredity, into enjoying a life of freedom now.

9. Switching from being held back by your belief that you are limited or unworthy into totally understanding and knowing that you are unlimited in your potential.

This course walks you through the power of the mind and the shifts in thinking you need to access the miraculous power to make these changes.?

Here's what some of Loretta's clients have to say:

My work with Loretta has been a life changing experience. As a musician, I was looking for help in tapping into my creativity. With her expertise, I was able to not only let go of anxiety, but access my subconscious mind as well. Dr. Siani's work with me aided in opening up a creative source that was for so long inaccessible. As a result, my musical creativity is flowing effortlessly. -- E. Vazzana

"Loretta influenced a change in my stagnated way of thinking.*I believed that my past created the person I was in the present and would be in the future.* During hypnotherapy, Loretta guided me down a path which helped me resolve issues from the past, bringing me a new peace. I had new insights into the past which allowed me to move on. -- D. Laurie

Working with Dr. Siani has helped me more than any other therapy or drug I've tried.* --* S. Pace

Loretta Siani has given me uncomplicated yet meaningful tools to help me focus, relax and make clear choices, when real or imagined crises develop.* She has shown me how to step into the person I want to be. Loretta's work is very much a gift. -- C. F.

Loretta has helped these people create breakthroughs and miracles, and she can do the same for you.

Ths course is worth 4 seminary credits towards graduation.

This course can be ordered by going to Dr. of Metaphysics.

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