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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Master of Metaphysics - Spirit Quest $75

Master of Metaphysics Degree
Explode Your Spiritual Awareness With The Ultimate Spiritual Home Study Course!

Welcome To Spirit-Quest.

We, at the Universal Life Church Seminary, are proud to offer you, as part of our Seminary Program, The Most Incredible Spiritual Journey Of A Lifetime.

This Amazing course is a EIGHT MONTH home study course designed to put you on the fast track to spiritual fulfillment.

This course was designed with YOU in mind. It was created for anyone who is a spirit and who would like to learn about being a spirit in a body. It's not about religion, but is about spiritual growth and understanding. Whatever your personal beliefs are, Spirit Quest will blast you along YOUR OWN spiritual journey. We welcome beginners, seekers AND the Spiritually advanced.

You will receive one section each week right in your e-mail box, which allows you enough time to practice your new skills and integrate the new information.

If you feel a deep longing inside to have more purpose, fulfillment and meaning to your life, then begin this course now. Come join us on this Spirit-Quest and take your consciousness to a whole new level.

You have the opportunity to advance your Spiritual Growth by leaps and bounds using this Life-Changing Course.

Each lesson will guide you step-by-step to new levels of understanding. You will learn one-of-a-kind spiritual tools to help you on this challenging journey.

* Unlock the secrets of WHO you really are.

* Learn priceless spiritual tools to protect yourself from the negativity of the world.

* Learn the secrets of spiritual growth.

* Learn how and where you fit into this vast universe.

* Satisfy that ache in your heart to search for greater meaning in your life.

* Learn about the many levels of change you are going through.

* Have a plan to help you advance through the many levels of Spiritual progress ahead.

* Make room in your life for more love and joy in your life.

* Learn how to create limitless abundance and riches in your life.

* How to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live. Recognize the glory that is you.

* Understand and use the power of your words and thoughts to bring your dreams to life.

* And so much more...

Many people have paid thousands of dollars and spent years of study to learns just a few of the tools that you will get through this course.

This course focuses on self-discovery and is filled with practical knowledge and skills to help you with your day-to-day living. Once you have mastered these skills, your potential for growth is limitless!

Learn to create and recognize miracles in your life on a DAILY BASIS.

Enjoy the benefits of life that are your due.

If you are ready to move past the daily struggles that weigh you down and are ready to find more love, joy and amusement in your life... Come join us on this Spirit-Quest.

This tremendous course is $75 for the 8 month course. It's the longest and most comprehensive course that the Seminary Offers.

You will receive 5 credits upon completion of this course, as well as a Master of Metaphysics Degree. This course is required for graduation from the seminary.

Spirit-Quest is copyrighted by Apex Publications. 2003

This course is available at:
Master of Metaphysics Degree

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